Adventures in Time And Space

Episode 2: Medicine Man

Episode Two:
Medicine Man

The Doctor and his companions are pitted against an old enemy trying to resurrect their race from beneath the plains of the Wild West. 

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Episode 1: A Doctor's Holiday

Episode One:
A Doctor's Holiday

The Fourth incarnation of The Doctor, currently between Companions, is feeling a bit lonely and seeking a bit of company for a day's holiday on the Spanish island of Lanzarote.  Bending the rules of causality he decides to pay a visit to the Companions of his future selves (the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors) and takes them on a short trip.  The Doctor assures you this won't cause any problems. 

"Its all timey whimey as you know and the beaches on the island are wonderful this time of year.  Besides, at the very worse we'll just wake up afterwards with a slight headache remembering nothing.  It's all perfectly safe and nothing to worry about, -pause I'm pretty sure.  Would you like a Jelly Baby?


Players choose one of the following Companions to play:

Mickey Smith
Personal Goal: To become his own man.
Mickey is a typical working class bloke who is devoted to Rose Tyler, his girlfriend, the traveling Companion of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. Initially bitter and jealous, Mickey has blossomed and gets on with the Tenth Doctor far better than his predecessor. He’s ready for an adventure of his own in the TARDIS, even if it is just for a day at the beach.
Mickey is Brave, Lucky, has Quick ReflexesTechnically Adept and Tough.   
Quote: "I'm NOT the tin dog!"

Additional Information:
Mickey Smith | Defender Of The Earth

Professor River Song

Personal Goal: River’s goals and motivations change depending on when in the Doctor’s timeline she appears.
River’s timeline is, to say the least, tangled. If that wasn't complicated enough, her life has been thoroughly intertwined with that of the Doctor, whose life is anything but straightforward. And the chronology of their relationship is out of order. It’s a great big mess and, as the icing on the cake, at several key points in her life she was affected by the memory-wiping powers of the Silence. She finds this visit by the Fourth Doctor highly problematic and is worried that their meeting can throw the universe out of wack, if not something far worse. 
River is Attractive, Boffin, Brave, has Keen Senses (Minor: sight), Charming,  good at
Running for your Life!, Technically Adept, has an Insatiable Curiosity, and is a Time Traveller herself.
Quote: "Spoilers!"

Additional Information: Spoilers!

River Song | The Timeline Of River Song

Clara Oswald

Personal Goal: To travel and see the universe! (And protect the Doctor.)
Clara is chirpy, happy, energetic and whip-smart. She is forthright and likes to take control of any situation. She considers the Doctor her most trusted friend, and would sacrifice herself to save him – something she’s already done once.  She's happy to see the Doctor but there's something not quite right about him? 
Clara is Attractive, Brave, a Caregiver, Eccentric (Control Freak), Lucky, has some Psychic Training and Technically Adept.
Quote: "I am NOT a control freak!!"

Additional Information:
Clara Oswald | The Impossible Girl

Captain Jack Harkness

Personal Goal: To make a difference.
Incorrigible, roguish and desperately grateful to be alive, Jack Harkness had a rough few years. Now immortal, and the head of the last Torchwood team left standing, he’s got a lot he feels like he has to make up for. But the boy from Boeshane has all of eternity to do it.  He likes this Doctor's smile and is looking forward to spending the day with him. 
Jack is Attractive, Brave, Charming, Fast Healing (Special), Immortal (Special), Technically Adept, suffers from Amnesia, is a Time Agent/Time Traveller,Tough and has a Voice of Authority
Quote: "I CAN'T miss this!"

Additional Information:
Captain Jack Harkness | Flirts With… EVERYONE

Jenny Flint

Personal Goal: To protect the vulnerable and root out evil wherever it may hide. All in a day’s work!
Jenny is from Victorian London. She is quiet and reserved, but she has a fiercely open mind and a taste for adventure. Also, she has married Madame Vastra, another woman, and a reptilian one at that. Jenny understands the importance of keeping up appearances but is not willing to allow conventional expectations to limit her life or her choices.  She's flattered by the Doctor's invitation and doesn't believe Vastra with mind very much if she steps out for the day.  She of course leaves her mistress a note before departing. 
Jenny is Brave, Empathic towards her Friends (Major: The Doctor), has Keen Senses (Major: All senses), Telepathic (with Vastra only) and is Obligated (Major: Protect Madame Vastra).  
Quote: "So it’s him then? The Doctor?"

Additional Information:
Jenny Flint | Jenny And The Doctor

Petronella Osgood
Personal Goal: To travel in the TARDIS.
Osgood is a huge fan of the Doctor, almost to the point of hero worship.  She even takes inspiration from his varied dress sense.  She is very intelligent and always the first to work out what's really going on.  She does lack confidence in herself, because she was always overshadowed by her prettier sister.  Words cannot describe Osgood's joy in the Doctor's invitation to spend the day with him and to travel in the TARDIS.  This is her best dream come true!
Osgood is a Boffin, Clumsy, has a Dependency (Minor: Asthma Inhaler), Impaired Senses (wears glasses), Obsessed (Minor: The Doctor), good at Running for your Life!, and Technically Adept
Quote: "BEST DAY EVER!!!"  

Additional Information:
Petronella Osgood | The Doctor Meets Osgood 


Personal Goal: To do his duty and looks for opportunities to use his devastating martial prowess against all enemies. 
Strax is driven to excel in battle, and where that fails he'll do his best to be a good butler, or cab driver, or nurse.  He has drifted far from the norm for Sontarans, experiencing something like friendship for his current commanding officer Madame Vastra.  He is now accustomed to being mindful of civilians, helping the weak and mixing with non-Sontarans.  He is excited to join the Doctor for the day, to discover something new and perhaps throw a grenade at it.  
Strax is an Alien, Brave, Tough, By the BookEccentric and is Obligated (Major: The Doctor).
Quote: "I'm a nurse!  I have gene-spliced myself for all nursing duties, I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid."  

Additional Information:
Strax | Strax is the Best Newspaper Delivery Service Ever! 



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